James Ainsworth

I am a freelance journalist and writer who has lived in Africa for 8 years and traveled extensively in Indonesia, and I have ancestral ties to both of these regions – two of my spiritual homes on this big, beautiful, stupendous planet.  “Island of Spice” is an homage to Ambon and the Maluku (Moluccas) islands in Indonesia, my mother’s home and the famed but elusive “Spice Islands” that Columbus was searching for when he inadvertently stumbled upon the Americas and proved Copernicus’ revolutionary worldview of the Earth being round and orbiting the Sun.

My evolution as a copywriter has been a process of learning, growth and discovery, of finding opportunities to apply my writing skills in areas ranging from grant writing, television programs and narrative documentaries to multimedia presentations, product launches and advertising campaigns. The posts in this blog draw heavily from my experiences in South Africa and offer ideas, journalistic perspectives and concepts that I hope people will find interesting and relevant to our rapidly transforming world, but are not necessarily just tied to Africa or Indonesia or one region or country.  I like to write about emerging trends relating to spirituality, technology, psychology and social change as part of a dynamic future that is unfolding before our eyes.

If you are interested in my work as a copywriter, I invite you to visit my main web site at www.islandofspicemedia.com. You can also learn more about my visual ideas and artistic, verbal and semiotic interpretations of mind, culture and human perceptions on my Tumblr blog at https://www.tumblr.com/blog/islandofspice. Through my personal journeys with language, communication, interpersonal and cross-cultural experiences I strive to bring creativity, inspiration and insight to my work, whether it’s writing a feature, producing a video, creating a web site or developing a blog, newsletter or social media content.  I gladly welcome any dialogue or inquiries about the articles and posts in this blog or potential copywriting, marketing or media communication projects. You can also visit my LinkedIn page for more information on my professional background and my copywriting work.

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A special series on the emerging trends

and the “Hidden Seeds of a Benevolent Future”

In collaboration with Solution Link, a digital and print media and marketing company, some of my blog posts relating to “Trends, Observation and Evolution” are part of a series called Hidden Seeds of a Benevolent Future.  The idea behind the Hidden Seeds series is to highlight a few critical developments, technologies and innovations that have potential for constructive and far-reaching change.  The general progress of many of these changes in our global civilization truly are, in fact, benevolent – even though the general media news emphasis on violence, political conflict and trauma may give way to a sense of doom and gloom about the future.  There are reasons to believe that our global civilization’s glass is in fact, half full.

I would like to thank everyone for visiting my blog; it is my hope that there is something of value here for all.

                                                                                                                       James Ainsworth

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