The Limits of “Be A Man”: Joe Ehrmann at TEDxBaltimore 2013


Joe Ehrmann presents one of the most comprehensive, lucid and relevant analysis to reevaluating and reassessing masculinity in a new, positive construct.  The tragic shootings in the Isla Vista, California shootings and the vast conversations generated by the #YesAllWomen Twitter hashtag has highlighted how vast this problem is, but very few people have really addressed the issue from a male perspective.  Joe Erhmann was a successful football player for the Baltimore Colts who suddenly faced an existential crisis when he was 29 years old and his teenage brother died of cancer.  All the material success and accolades he achieved on the gridiron had not prepared him and could not help him cope with his emotional loss.  Erhmann has dedicated his life to developing a new framework for masculine values and coaching in America.  One of the keys, he suggests is that coaches are either transactional – the game is all about the team, the coach and winning; or transformational – the coach will be involved in all aspects of the player’s life, and the emphasis will be on values.


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