An inspiring, eloquent statement against the Washington Redskins name

Football season is just around the corner, and one of the most persistent, controversial issues facing the NFL that will only intensify in the coming year is the name-change of the Washington Redskins. Team owner Dan Snyder has remain steadfast in his determination to keep the name because of fans’ long-standing sentimental attachments to the name and the logo, and because he doesn’t believe the name was intended as derogatory or an epithet. As someone who loves taking road trips to Taos and Santa Fe and has had some beautiful experiences on the Navajo reservation in Arizona and enjoys annual Denver March Pow-wow (or just about any pow-wow) – I absolutely LOVE this ad! As copywriter, as someone who appreciates good marketing and well-crafted, intelligent and creative messages in media campaigns, I LOVE this ad… The quality of the production was certain worthy of being aired during the Super Bowl, but as time and fate would have it, the creators could not raise the $4 million needed to buy a 30-second spot, let alone the $16 million necessary for the full two minute video. Nonetheless, I hope many people see this video and try to see this in historical context. If Synder would become proactive and take a leadership role in this issue, he could generate tremendous goodwill and I’m sure it would be a morale boost for the players and the team, and ultimately for the fans and the NFL. Change isn’t always easy, and sometimes it takes moral leadership to take a stand and do the right thing.


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