Being Chief – Unlocking your power: Rick Miller at TEDxPSU

What does it mean to be a “Chief” – to have the title of “Chief” i.e., CEO, COO, CFO, etc.?  I love this TEDx talk where Rick Miller talks about his observations of the common qualities of what it means to be a chief, on very basic, fundamental human level.  It’s is a great statement about values, and the concept of being a “Real Chief” can relate to anyone regardless of whether we are a part of the corporate world or artists, musicians, contractors, entrepreneurs or designers.  “Real Chiefs” make a choice about connecting what they do, to who they are, and so it’s about being.  “Real Chiefs” serve others, work hard and create the future.  But also, being a “Real Chief” is about values and according to Miller they build insight through 5 qualities: they are in present and in the moment; they are accepting and are not in denial of what is happening; they are grateful, they are generous and they can have stillness, which is related to mindfulness.  Miller says the power comes when we connect what we do, with who we are and become completely absorbed in what we’re doing, our mindfulness – and then we’re “in the zone.”  And another term for being “in the zone” is Mihaly Csiksxentmihalyi’s concept of “Flow.”


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